The Echo in our lives

Meet Alexa, your new personal assistant, the player of your music, and your weatherwoman. Your new ‘pet’ that listens to your commands to play music, shop for something or find out where your nearest take-away is. All captured within the neat little unit that is the Amazon Echo. 

Available in black or white, with a full surround speaker in built, and several microphones embedded in the top so that she can hear your commands from across the room, at any spot around the circumference of the unit.

When you talk to her she stops everything shes already doing, momentarily of course to listen to your every word. (And glows, so you know she’s listening! If she doesn’t understand she will tell you – or ask you a question. Or infact will tell you in what way to speak to her to get the full benefits of her commands, and efficiently. 

The volume is incredible for such a little unit. Mind you – we aren’t sure your neighbours will appreciate volume 10!  (scaled 1-10) The great thing too is Alexa is ever evolving and learning, because it’s connected to her own little cloud, and you can also link up using an app available across andriod and apple devices.

This is a smart and wonderful gadget, not too big or small in size and will fit in within your decor in either colour-way available effortlessly. Our new obsession.

Picture taken with the Sony Xperia XZ £550 Pay as you go at

Get yours now, Amazon Echo, (in black or white) £149.99 at

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