Beaming bright smiles with White.glo

This spring look to @whiteglouk #diamondseries for an instant confidence boost and a brighter whiter smile!

White Glo’s Diamond Series advanced teeth whitening system promises to bring results within 7 days after a 5 minute (min) session once a day for seven.

The revolutionary new White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System (famed for greatness in Australia. And originally made for actors and actresses) lifts and removes years of stains and yellowing on the tooth enamel safely and without abrasion!

This is an exclusive peroxide-free whitening system developed by dentists to achieve fast effective results for a smile that shines bright like a diamond.

The treatment didn’t disappoint. It couldn’t… The set alone contains whitening paste and a mouth tray to apply the paste with (to both top and bottom rows), and an additional toothpaste to help boost your results and maintain your sparkling new smile.

After treatment one we started to see results – small but it was great to see it was working immediately… we continued to use it solidly for a week for the full maximum time of 15 minutes (whilst we showered) as this distracts you from the fact you have something in your mouth constantly.

Results were great and we continue to use the toothpaste to maintain the results… we plan to use again after a recommended break to top our teeth up and continue the whitening!

WhiteGlo Diamond Series whitening set with whitening cream and toothpaste

Plus! If you’re in a rush try White Glo Bright Nights instant whitening strips…

You can use them on the go, as they are in handbag friendly pouches and are a simple film that you apply to your teeth and let dissolve – so you can continue to apply your make up or prep for your night out whilst they work! Perfect!

Shop the products

White Glo Advanced Teeth Whitening System, £15 from Boots

White Glo Bright Nights Instant whitening strips, £4.99 from Superdrug

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