Head to paradise with your new streak free, easy tan! Thanks to IOP.


Achieving that natural summer glow has become super easy for everyone with the new @isleofparadise Self tanning water, £18.95 especially for us redheads! It’s a quick and easy way to an even long lasting tan! Just drench your legs in the water and use long sweeping motions to apply if you desire with a mitt for fast even coverage!

Ours developed within 6 hours, and stayed for over a week. Even in drier areas, the tan applied evenly with no patches. Available in three strengths, Light [Peach], Medium [Green] & Dark [Purple] there’s a shade for everyone – not just us redheads. You can get your hands on the water £18.95, drops £19.95 (to add to your daily moisturiser) and a mousse £19.95 for traditional tan application.

Shop online now at isleofparadise.co.uk to buy now. Alternatively shop at BeautyBay for 10% Off (limited time only)


Oh the ShaaaDes!

We were lucky enough to receive the ShaanXO 9 color eyeshadow & 9 color lip palette for Christmas from our beauty obsessed friends! So of course we had to try it out and share with you just how we feel about it! 

It was brought for me as the shadows match my complexion and i tend to do nudier smoked looks day to day and on nights out! Best used with a good primer to make the pigments really pop, we created the look above with and all over base to brow line of top left nude shade, then all over the lid in the centre top nude shimmer. We then use the right middle shade in the outer crease and the underneath outer eye to give the darker berry / maroon smoke, blending over the top and onto the brow bone the gorgeously shimmery top right shade, finishing off with out trusty maybelline eyeliner and a dash of mascara!

We found the shades just blend so effortlessly together and are soo buildable – don’t panic on looking that the orangey shade is that bright – its buildable – we use it softly as more of a peach with no primer! As being ginger I cant carry off orange looks to save my life!! 

If you want to get your hands on this, Shaaanxo 18 Colour Eyeshadow and Lipstick Palette, £18, head online to Beauty Bay to buy ♥


Tried and tested: The secret to getting that perfect Hollywood pout… 

Dreaming of pillow-soft, kissable smooth lips? Discover DREAMKISS-STARSKIN®’s newest bio-cellulose mask specially created for the delicate skin on and around your lips. Made from the highest quality Bio-Cellulose that STARSKIN®’s face and eye masks are known for, DREAMKISS Plumping & Hydrating Lip Mask closely follows the contours of your lips for a skin-tight fit, delivering 5ml of super-nourishing and ultra-hydrating serum in just 15 minutes.

As with all STARSKIN®’s at-home beauty treatments, the serum for the DREAMKISS Lip Mask is filled with generous amounts of handpicked, natural ingredients and skin- nourishing botanicals; all to give your lips an instant plumping and intense hydration treatment. Sea Fern, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid instantly plump lips and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while deeply moisturizing Coconut Oil, Honey and Chia Seeds leave lips soft and smooth.

REVIEW: Of course we had to try this ‘award winning’ brand out for ourselves, After easily applying the mask (simple & fuss-free) sitting back in bed with mask applied of course my partner wanted to know what I had stuck to my face, with no after comment 😛 … I fully expected some tingling – nothing, the mask is plenty big enough to reach around the full lip and surrounding skin, the results being a bit different to what I expected for me though, plumping not so much, however leaving the area extremely moisturised was a definite winner, and helping to clean up chicken pox scars almost completely – that surround my lips which have had many a different application of products to reduce the scarring! over the last year! So all in all a good formula for me! 

STARSKIN®’s DREAMKISS, £8.50 for two will be available at the end of August 2016 Online and instore at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols & Beautybay