Delve into menthol heaven and revel in amazing beautiful hair!


Solve dry scalps and boost your hair with the AM-A-ZING @growgorgeoushaircare #backintotheroots scalp masque, Ā£24

The magic of menthol stimulates your scalp, lifting the roots and gives a refreshing cooling sensation making this the perfect vacation beauty treat! It’s a simple process – and only takes as little as ten minutes (I loved the smell and sensation so much that I decided to leave it on for 30 minutes!)

Washing it out (I really didn’t want to as the smell and tingling menthol was so good) was simple, usual was and rinse through and afterwards you can still feel the menthol working away. As cool air hit my head after the warm shower it was chillier but oh-so refreshing!

The results were amazing – from the moment after drying I knew this had some good and that the hydration wonder of hyuralonic acid had worked – as usually after I wash my hair, my scalp is instantly itchy, more noticeable if I go to bed after I wash it. The hairdresser had pointed out that I had a drier scalp on my last visit and advised never to let my hair airdry as moisture sits on your scalp leading it to dry out… (Now i never thought that could be the case!) In this case after application no itch whatsoever for days. I refrained from dry shampoo [self confessed addict – I use way too much] to also see if the condition of my hair would improve. It can get quite oily the second day, not helped by being super flat with no lift – and washing again that quickly only makes it SO much worse. The verdict: My hair didn’t need dry shampoo until halfway through my second full day! This is an unknown even before my pregnancy (recently it has been worse due to the hormones I think!) Also my hair had so much more lift at the root and wasn’t been restricted by my dry ole’ head!

Now can someone please order me endless bottles of this on speed dial pwetty please? I want to use it EVERY day!!! I’m also now desperate to try more of their products now šŸ™‚

Try this wonder product now and get yours online at


āœØSit back & relax with @champneysspas #mask collections… 10 different masks for you and your friends to chill with! Available exclusively from @bootsuk āœØ

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Strengthen, smooth and replenish your hair with 72 Hair

We took the time out to relax, and treat out hair with this deeply penetrating mask from 72 hair infused with keratin, Germ Oil and Avocado Oil that has been created to de-frizz, strengthen and replenish moisture. With every use the hair will become shinier, stronger and well nourished. The treatment smells subtly fruity, and is easy to apply. You can leave it on for up to fifteen minutes, but we only tried it this time for half the time, as I tend to get greasy hair – and this just left my hair super soft and sleek and smelling fresh! Its the perfect TLC for all types of hair!Ā 


Available online at and selected salons nationwide; including Rush Salons, Josh Wood Atelier, Jo Hansford & Paul Edmonds


Tried and tested: The secret to getting that perfect Hollywood pout…Ā 

Dreaming of pillow-soft, kissable smooth lips? Discover DREAMKISS-STARSKINĀ®ā€™s newest bio-cellulose mask specially created for the delicate skin on and around your lips. Made from the highest quality Bio-Cellulose that STARSKINĀ®ā€™s face and eye masks are known for, DREAMKISS Plumping & Hydrating Lip Mask closely follows the contours of your lips for a skin-tight fit, delivering 5ml of super-nourishing and ultra-hydrating serum in just 15 minutes.

As with all STARSKINĀ®ā€™s at-home beauty treatments, the serum for the DREAMKISSĀ Lip Mask is filled with generous amounts of handpicked, natural ingredients and skin- nourishing botanicals; all to give your lips an instant plumping and intense hydration treatment. Sea Fern, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid instantly plump lips and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while deeply moisturizing Coconut Oil, Honey and Chia Seeds leave lips soft and smooth.

REVIEW: Of course we had to try this ‘award winning’ brand out for ourselves, After easily applying the mask (simple & fuss-free) sitting back in bed with mask applied of course my partner wanted to know what I had stuck to my face, with no after comment šŸ˜› … I fully expected some tingling – nothing, the mask is plenty big enough to reach around the full lip and surrounding skin, the results being a bit different to what I expected for me though, plumping not so much, however leaving the area extremely moisturised was a definite winner, and helping to clean up chicken pox scars almost completely – that surround my lips which have had many a different application of products to reduce the scarring! over the last year! So all in all a good formula for me!Ā 

STARSKINĀ®ā€™s DREAMKISS, Ā£8.50 for two will be available at the end of August 2016 Online and instore at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols & Beautybay


Care for your skin with Caudalie

Caudalie Purifying Mask, Ā£22 (75ml) is the ideal partner for combination to oily skin with blemishes. Precisely dosed in absorbent and regulating active ingredients, it clarifies and balances theĀ skin while cleansing it deep down. Its ultra-effective and its 94% natural formula leavesĀ skin soft, pure and matte.

Containing – White Clays:Ā These natural clays (bentonite, kaolin) have absorbing, decongesting and soothing powers.
Zinc and flax seeds: A trace element and natural active ingredient that regulates the production of sebum.
PHYTO-AROMATIC COCKTAIL WITH 8 ESSENTIAL OILS:Ā Lavender, bergamot, camomile, sage, cypress, parsley, myrrh and sandalwood combine theirĀ natural properties to provide a regenerating, soothing and purifying action.Ā Proven effectiveness:Ā PURIFIED SKIN: 82%*Ā 

# Application: twice a week to the entire face or the T-zone. Leave on for 10 minutes andĀ rinse off, then apply your usual skincare product.
# Oxygenate the skin and open the pores before applying the mask by placing your faceĀ for 5 minutes over a steam bath.

Caudalie Moisture Recovery Cream, Ā£23(40ml) does exactly what it says it does and moisturises to the Nth degree!Ā 

Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream comforts and nourishes the skin deeply. Restoring the hydrolipidic film and strengthening the skin barrier functions. Skin feels soft and supple, perfectly comfortable all day long. This velvety and extremely natural cream (97%) supplies dry skin with the exact dose of plant lipid nutrients required for the skin to feel nourished and soft.

Apply morning and evening to a cleansed face and neck. Avoid the eye contour.

We tried these two, alongside each other, and the moisturising level was unbelievable! We only need to use the mask once a week, and minimal moisturiser to leave our skin extremely hydrated, soft and supple and a perfect canvas ready for our makeup!Ā 

Available now fromĀ

* Clinical test, % satisfaction, 22 volunteers.