Inspired by the Opulence &
Romance of The Silk Route

Lavished with opulent silks and strewn with precious jewels and gold threads.
Experience the sumptuous scents of mountain rose, alluring ylang ylang and
sensuous patchouli with the delicate fragrance of vanilla, nectarine and
magnolia floating on the breeze, weaving with mesmerising hints of spicy
coriander and warming sandalwood their promise of riches
for the senses.
Inspired by traditional textiles and fabrics from around
the world merging with the 2016 trend of mixing patterns
and textures, an opulent range, with Boho charm
is revealed in Atlas Silks

When the gorgeous packaged Atlas Silks Oil diffuser arrived at my desk, I fell in love! My appeciation for good packaging and foiling probably helped, but I coulnt stop staring – and I didn’t want to open the box either! Yet as I dug in to get to the scents that awaited me, I found that the diffuser bottle is just as pretty and would be perfect on any mantel or sideboard in my home. The illustrated detail is gorgeous, and I’m going to display the bottle and the box!  Oil Diffuser 190ml with 5 Reeds, infused with a spirit of mindfulness and calm, holding
seductive scents of mountain rose and ylang ylang.

Bathing Flowers 70g
Bring the opulence and colours
of the silk route travelled to bath
time; relax and be borne away on
softened warm waters, amidst fragrant
soap petals for a spa-like escape

Immaculate Collection of Hand
Wash & Hand Cream 2 x 50ml
& Glass Nail file

Sumptuously packaged hand wash and
hand cream with precious nail file to
provide immaculate hands.

To buy and see the rest of the collection head online to shop the collection from £3